Is your landing page persuasive enough?

  • Are the words on your page secretly sabotaging your conversion rate?
  • Are you making a convincing argument? Or are you unknowingly discouraging your visitors from taking action?
  • Are you messing it up big time or are you just a few changes away from persuasive copy? 

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You had high hopes for your landing page.

But so far, it hasn't lived up to them.

You think your messaging might be the problem, but you're not sure exactly where it's missing the mark. Unlike measuring your page's load time, measuring its persuasiveness feels much more subjective.


An objective way to assess your page's persuasiveness

Who created this quiz?

I'm Sara, a business consultant turned digital marketer turned conversion copywriter and strategist. You can think of me as a copywriter who can talk business strategy, analytics, and KPI's all day, every day!

Many of the marketing managers I know want their landing pages to be more convincing, but they're not really sure where to start.

So I decided to give them an easy starting point.

I took everything I know about top-performing landing page copy and distilled it into this easy and insightful quiz.


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" We now have copy that speaks exactly to our customers pain points and our ability to solve them."


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"Gave us a much better framework on how to engage our customers and build deeper trust."


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"Sara's skills in storytelling, tone and ability to connect with the target audience are very helpful."


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